Backtracking – 18 Sep 2016 Workshop

Our Hon President, Frank Mepham, kindly hosted the Cascade Workshop for members.  The weather was good, enabling the event to be held outdoors in the img_1698large, mature garden which has some huge fruit trees.  Frank is well-known in bonsai circles||.  Largely self-taught, he had the opportunity to experiment over the years when a family member, working on a local estate, was able to supply him with plenty of raw material.   He has been a member of Hinckley and Wigston bonsai clubs and his trees have won prizes at many shows over a long period of time.  Frank is coping with poor health now.  A very special  Thank You goes to Frank for his hospitality on this occasion.


Mike led the instruction and the material used was pre-bonsai Juniperus chinensis ‘Blaauw’.  It was the right time in the year to work with junipers.   The thinking behind this exercise was to enable a group of members to work with the same material and over time comparisons can be made on the trees and their development by the different owners.  Trimming and first stage wiring for shape took up most of the time.  This enabled beginners in the group to understand the process and encourage their confidence.  The trees will remain in their training pots until next year so participants will have plenty of time to look around for suitable ceramic pots for their project.  If members had existing cascades, they could bring them to the work- shop, discuss and progressed further if time allowed.  Thanks also to Mike for his tuition.  The following is a gallery of the event.


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