We continue to be a little potty!

I too had intended putting something on the web to expand on our last meeting but, like Olly, who has just put on pictures of our May meeting with a little article, I too have been overwhelmed with other matters that have prevented time being made available before now.  Bonsai maintenance can be added into this.  I can become totally absorbed with my trees and time just disappears.  Personally I find tending my little charges rather therapeutic and wish I had more time to do everything that needs doing with such an assorted collection.

However, back to our last Club meeting and yet another busy occasion.  Olly Olson was at last presented with the Club trophy for winning the most popular tree by public vote at the Market Bosworth Show last year.  We think the previous winner did not want to part with the Club’s new shield but no hard feelings as Olly’s Boulevard Cypress was the best on this occasion.  Here is the proud winner with his trophy and tree.  Congratulations to Olly.


Unable to find a maple speaker for the meeting, we had a change of programme to a ‘tree surgery’ and discussion on problems members were experiencing with their trees.  Mike gave us a potted history on a particular maple he had brought along which had been difficult to wire as branches were so brittle.  It suffered from a hailstone storm that broke off a large branch resulting in a 7 year recovery period to get the tree back into a reasonable shape again.  Then it began to look rather sickly and removal from its pot revealed a huge bug happily chomping on a large root.  Ouch.  One unlucky tree!  Another  tree viewed had lost its middle apical stem resulting in a catapult style with two upward side branches. Other issues covered were watering; which wire to use – aluminum or copper; and a lengthy debate on decandling pines.

The display table became two tables, plus window sills used to accommodate all the trees that had been brought in for seasonal viewing.  Thank you to the members who had brought in so many.  Mainly maples in various sizes, and groups in their Spring colours.  There were some other interesting trees including a magnificent flowering crab and a really tiny mame flowering forsythia that had come from Japan.   Also a fascinating accent planting of  mauve flowering peonies grown from bulbs looking like and related to orchids.  When the unexpected comes in for display it makes an interesting topic of conversation and much appreciated.

Then we looked at pots again from another angle.  We didn’t need to make these.  Peter brought along a collection of small pots and organised a quiz to name each potter.  It was good fun as we gathered round and peered hard at maker’s marks and styles looking for recognition.  Quite educational to learn the answers.  Well done Peter.  We welcome to our membership Keith and Simon who are beginners.  Lovely to have you join the Club.

Olly is hosting another Members Workshop on 19 May.  It clashes with the Royal Wedding so perhaps Olly will have thoughts on how to compete with that?

Rounding  off this month’s activities, members were reminded that Greenwood Bonsai at Arnold, Notts, are celebrating their 40th year and putting on special events this year.  Corin served his bonsai apprenticeship with Bill Valavanis in USA.  Bill will be at the Greenwood Studio which is providing an opportunity to see this Master at work as he conducts workshops and free demonstrations over the three days.  There are still some places available for the tuition sessions – see http://www.bonsai.co.uk for further information.

Next month there is a change of programme and Graham Walker will be visiting the Club meeting to give a talk and slide presentation on mame and shohin trees.  Alan & Carol will be hosting the June workshop and will be a good opportunity to finalise trees for display at Market Bosworth Show on 1st July.

It’s good to be able to enjoy some good weather at last after our long winter.  Hope fellow enthusiasts are grabbing the opportunity to catch up on their bonsai work too.



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