Leicestershire Bonsai Club – Members’ Workshop 16 June 2018


Carol and her husband Alan were the hosts of this Members’ Workshop at their home in Oadby.  They have been members of the Club for over five years and were pioneers for the Club workshops having hosted the first one five years ago almost to the day.  Carol is currently Club Treasurer and Administrator and sometimes posts web reports on Club activities.

Members’ Workshops are usually monthly during the growing season on a Saturday and hosted by a member at their home.  The idea behind the workshops is to provide practical “hands on” experience and tuition on an informal basis.  It provides an opportunity for dedicated bonsai time in our all too busy lives.  As a Club we cater for all abilities from the beginner to the more experienced up to a trained adviser.  It’s an open workshop in that members can bring any number of trees to work on and attendees can come and go as their personal time will allow.  It is expected that the more experienced will help novices to get started and encourage them to  gain knowledge and confidence in the art of bonsai.

Members bring their own trees, pots, tools, materials and other equipment plus their packed lunch if required.  The hosts provide a place to work, drinks, biscuits and convenience facilities.  Tools and equipment are shared with beginners who may have limited resources and advice is given on where to obtain supplies and where to go for more intensive workshops.  It’s also an opportunity to get to know fellow members better and discuss shared experiences and bonsai problems; or maybe given a tree or rootstock or pre-bonsai material for developing on.  Sometimes a workshop may have a dedicated theme or project according to seasonal requirements or an up and coming event.  This June workshop provided an opportunity for trees and accents to be finally prepared for the Market Bosworth Show which is an annual event for us.  We are putting on a public display and can be found in the Flower Marquee.  For further details of the show refer to http://www.marketbosworthshow.co.uk which is taking place on Sunday, 1st July 2018.

In the past we have  done group planting sessions in shallow trays, root over rock, cascades, Juniper cultivation, hedgerow gathering, a Club Larch project as well as show preparation work are some of the past workshop themes.

They take place outdoors and are dependent on the weather and shelter when it rains.  We have been fairly lucky with our workshop dates in that they are not normally hampered by weather conditions.  These workshops are Free and for members only.

IMG_2561Eyes down and concentrating hard, some of the group at the June 2018 Workshop get on with their tasks in hand. The next workshop is scheduled for 8 September and the last one for this year.

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