March Meeting

Our Club meeting for March was all about re-potting and pot selection.

The display table was supplied with a good selection of trees in various stages of development and some nice accent plants in well matched pots.


While it was still a bit early to think about re-potting the majority of trees, Mike brought along a Japanese Maple starter plant and a Japanese Hawthorn for the short demo.  Both trees had decided to forge ahead and start to leaf out in the unseasonal warm weather in the run up to the meeting and were ready to be used for the demo.


Various reason were given as to when to re-pot and most importantly why to re-pot (or not as the case may be), and a short discussion was had on suitable growing media for young starter plants and more established bonsai.

This was followed by a short demo of re-potting and root pruning basics.

After the break we moved on to discussing pot selection for established bonsai.  Ben kindly brought along one of his Japanese Maples and a selection of pots for consideration.


After a short introduction on how a pot will need to fulfil the horticultural needs of our tress (soil capacity, drainage, anchor points for securing the tree, etc.) we moved on to the aesthetics, using Ben’s maple and the selection of pots he had brought along.

The meeting finished with the announcement of the follow on workshop at Olly’s.


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