Club Display at Staunton Harold Garden Centre

With the demise of the Market Bosworth Horticultural Show, we were on the lookout for a new venue to put on a small display of our Members’ trees.

As luck would have it, one of our members works at the Staunton Harold Garden Centre and Nurseries and managed to get permission for us to put on a display there.

As with all of our shows and displays, we encourage all members to enter a tree, no matter of their experience level or development stage of the tree.  These shows and displays serve to show the range of experience and abilities of ALL of our members and display not only specimen bonsai, but reflect the various stages in bonsai development.

A big thank you to Ruth and Olly, who did a stern job in coordinating the event and to all members who contributed.

You will notice that some of the trees have numbers next to them.  This is for members of the public to vote for their favourite bonsai.  The Club member whose tree gets the most votes will have their name engraved on our Club trophy and is allowed to keep the trophy (and associated bragging rights) for one year.

Some pictures of the display:


…and some close up pictures:


And finally the work in progress table, showing bonsai in the earliest stages of development:


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2 Responses to Club Display at Staunton Harold Garden Centre

  1. Alan Moore ( former treasurer) says:

    Looks really good chaps & chapess’s wonderful job.


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